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Conductive Coating

Also referred to as EMI or RFI shielding, conductive coating is applied to many household and industry electrical devices. It is done to minimize the amount of electrical interference that can be caused by the digital bands used by wireless devices. How can you protect your products from malfunctioning?

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse. It simplifies (and sometimes complicates) our lives. In the case of wireless devices, it is definitely the former. Without our wireless gadgets, many of us wouldn't be able to function. Let's face it: they are a fact of life and here to stay. That being said, they use wireless band technology that could wreak havoc with wired electrical devices, like medical equipment. When you get an MRI, you want as accurate a readout as possible, and that's why conductive coating is used.

Usually comprised from a nickel or silver compound, conductive coating is just what its name implies: a sprayed on coating that assists in the conduction of electrical signals inside a machine. In our MRI example, it shields the sensitive imaging equipment from wireless interference (the kind caused, for example, by cell phones).

In the past few years, New England Coating Concept has established itself as a major player in the application of conductive coating such as EMI shielding and RFI shielding. Our techniques have been formed over 30 years of dedication and service to the greater New England area, and beyond. If you aren't sure what type of conductive coating is best for your electrical equipment, give us a call.

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