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Polyurethane Spray Coating

Why has polyurethane spray coating become one of the most popular plastic finishing materials used today? To find the answer, let's identify the benefits of polyurethane coating, and then talk about some of the different varieties of polyurethane that New England Coating Concept sells. A type of plastic, polyurethane can be molded and bonded to any shape.

When this was realized, a whole world of possibility arose. Now you could make virtually any product safe for the tiniest baby. No more sharp edges, and business insurance dropped dramatically. Polyurethane is inert, so it will not react adversely to skin. Once sprayed on in liquid form, it hardens to a solid plastic. It truly is a modern innovation.

New England Coating Concepts supplies two main types of polyurethane spray coating: Polane B Polyurethane Enamel and Polane T Polyurethane Enamel. Chemically, these spray coatings are similar, but they are used on different materials. Polane B is a versatile coating which excels at covering the smooth surfaces of metal, wood, plastic, nylon, or SMC surfaces. Polane T, when applied, is a texture surface, you see it on computer and medical equipment and it helps cover up minor inclusions. Not only can these two polyurethane spray coatings cover almost any product, they are also quite heat-resistant as well.

Before spraying, some products need to be filled, sanded, or masked. New England Coating Concept has been performing these pre-spray processes for years. We are customer-centric: we will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction. We can fill orders that are large or small, providing custom flexibility to your product line.

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