Specializing in polyurethane finishing for both smooth and textured surfaces.

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Plastic Finishing

It's no secret: plastics have made an immeasurable impact on our world. As you read this, right now, there is almost certain to be at least ten objects made from some kind of plastic within arm's reach. Each was constructed according to its own unique specifications, from a custom mold. But for some plastics, there is an additional step that is necessary.

Plastic finishing is needed on a vast majority of plastics to make them safe for civilian use. It's the step that involves "smoothing over the rough edges," both in a literal and figurative sense. In some cases, it means just that. In other cases, it means protecting the plastic itself from harmful oils. Still in other cases, it implies coating the plastic itself so that the electric components inside are free from atmospheric interference.

New England Coating Concept has long been one of New England's most trusted and respected plastic finishing firms. We are successful because we understand success is measured in overall efficiency. You can't do a perfect job with one client and not with another; you must be consistent. We stand by our 99.5 percent product success rate.

One of our specialties is polyurethane finishing for both smooth and textured surfaces, so we can handle any size plastic piece and any special requirements you might have. We combine big-name efficiency with personal client communication, and that's what has kept us in the New England area for over 30 years.

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