Specializing in polyurethane finishing for both smooth and textured surfaces.

New England Coating Concepts is an outstanding finish supplier.....

Sprayed On Polyurethane

New England Coating Concept is one of the Northeast's most respected plastic and metal finishing agencies. One of the reasons for our success is that we have successfully diversified the products we coat, shield, and finish while maintaining close personal contact with each of our clients. We believe that it is by approaching every client on an individual basis that we can provide the best level of service.

If you have electronic boards or molded plastic, you need it coated or shielded with materials that will render your products inert and safe for use. We are custom coaters who have the ability and means to finish virtually any product, regardless of type, size, or volume. Let's look at just a few of the coating procedures we champion.

We have over 30 years experience with spray painting, so we can tackle any surface. If you need holes/inclusions filled and sanded or masking services for your products as precursors to EMI shielding and other finishes, we can prepare and shield for you. We perform both Polane C and Polane T coating, as well as conformal coatings for electrical boards. Our EMI and RFI shielding techniques have become very popular in today's electrically-infused world.

Whereas other finishing and coating companies might require a large minimum quota (at least 1,000, for instance), we can perform small runs for you with no problem. In this way, we are flexible to your needs. We have built a great reputation in New England, but we are by no means limited to this area. Give us a call--we can help you figure out which coating or finishing material would be the best for your products.

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