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Specializing in polyurethane finishing for both smooth and textured surfaces.

New England Coating Concepts is an outstanding finish supplier.....

New England Coating Concept
2502 Greenbush Road
North Ferrisburg, VT  05473

Fax: 802-329-2007

Contact Us For EMI Shielding Or Other Coating Services.
Email: necoating@gmavt.net
Reminder - Mention in your e-mail if it is EMI shielding or what type coating services you need, be specific.

Hours of Operation:

-Monday through Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) Eastern standard.
-Coating services with EMI shielding and other specialized coatings is what we do!
-Coaters of EMI shielding, finishers of Polyurethane or RFI, you just name it !!
-As a devoted coater you can always count on the service you get with our friendly staff! Call or email us today for any additional information regarding our Finishers services.

As a custom coater we can handle almost any size.

As more and more wireless products come online there will be

a growing demand for EMI shielding.

If you need us to do a little research on a coating or finishes that you would like, just let us know what your needs are.

As a Coater we will be there for you!
  • Conductive EMI Shielding (Electrical Magnetic Interference ) Applied to Plastics and Wireless devises.
  • Conductive RFI Shielding (Radio Frequency Interference) Applied to Plastics.
  • A Coater of Conformal Coating to Electronic Boards.
  • Coating Plastic & Metal Parts with Polyurethane Enamel or Specified Coating.
  • Fill Pin Holes, Sand, Masking and Spray on Finish.
  • Smooth & Textured Finishes on plastic and metal parts.
  • Pick Up - Delivery Services.
  • Finishers of Such Products as SW Polane, Eastern Chem-Lac, Chemtronics, Acheson, etc.
  • Coater for Electronic Board Industries - Metal Shops - Plastic Molders & Mfg Sector .
  • Plastic and Metal Finishing Service to Bio-Tech / Scales and Other Sectors.
  • Need a Sample up close to view, go to BIO-TEK.COM 90% of all their Plastic and Metal Finishing is Coated by us.

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