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Conformal Coating

Applied to electronic boards or printed circuit boards (PCBs), conformal coating is an essential aspect of many products' assembly. Circuitry does not last forever, but coating electrical components will significantly increase functionality over time. The process of conformal coating can be completed through a variety of methods, from spraying and dipping to flow and selective coating. Conformal coating is used in many different industries, from consumer and industrial electronics to the military. This type of coating must be able to hold up under a variety of adverse environments, including humid and hot conditions.

There are a variety of external agents which can decrease the life of electrical circuitry. Moisture, dust, even salt air can corrode the internal conduction of any circuitry. Conformal coating resists these agents, and thereby extends product life. New England Coating Concept has ample experience with coating a variety of electrical products. The standards which we have developed for our coating process make us our own worst critics. We continually question our methods and find ways to improve our conformal coating techniques.

Conformal coating services performed by New England Coating Concept are completed over a number of stages. Proper coating cannot be done in one spraying, and we will never speed your job through at the expense of quality. We will, however, complete your project on or before the agreed-upon date. We consider our low rejection rate (0.05 percent) and sterling reputation two of our best attributes.

If you're unsure whether your products are in need of conformal coating or any plastic / metal finishing, ask yourself: will consumers be handling them? Are you manufacturing household or industrial items? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then the evidence points overwhelmingly toward the need for our services. Please give us a call and we can discuss any finishing needs you might (or might not) have.

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