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Electrical shielding is a new, yet essential piece of manufacturing for many electrical products. When you are making something that will need to carry an electric current, you will need some kind of shielding material to ensure that current is limited to the gaskets, seals, wires, and tubes through which it is carried. Without such shielding, the chances of electrical interference are magnified exponentially.

There are two main types of shielding that New England Coating Concept supplies: EMI shielding and RFI shielding. EMI is short for Electro Magnetic Interference and RFI is short for Radio Frequency Interference. Both are side effects of electrical components, radio waves, and magnets that are present in every modern mechanism.

EMI shielding is primarily used in devices that would have things like LCD displays or any electronic circuitry. Cell phones and PDA devices send electrical currents as well as receive them, and these currents can interfere with other electrical devices like wireless mice or keyboards. EMI shielding is used to limit that interference. As the number of electrical devices in our immediate midst increases, more and more devices will be finished using EMI shielding. Many companies use this step as a final step in production.

In comparison, RFI shielding is primarily used to deter radio waves that are always present in the atmosphere. These waves can meddle with other signals, much in the same way that cell phones can. You can see the need for quality shielding. New England Coating Concept can apply both shielding techniques to virtually any electrical module.

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