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Metalizing is the process by which metal is protected by coating it with a polymer or other coating substance. It is an effective substitute to painting, because it lasts substantially longer than paint. Whereas paint will usually start to chip after a decade or so (this is especially true in the case of outdoor painting, as with bridges), metal finishing will last at least a few decades.

Perhaps the best reason for metalizing your product is its natural aversion to corrosion. Let's face it: metal corrodes. Depending on the environment in which it will reside, it can corrode astonishingly fast. Paint simply doesn't protect metal to the degree that metal coating and finishing does. At New England Coating Concept, we work with a variety of materials, including polyurethane enamel, EMI shielding, and even epoxy. You tell us what your requirements are, and we'll strive to come up with the lowest-cost solution.

Consumers who aren't in the manufacturing business don't realize the importance and omnipresence of metalizing in their lives. For almost 100 years, metalizing has been a staple of manufactured finishing around the world. If you want your products and profits to last, the trick is to find a metalizing finisher who can supply you with the right materials at the right price.

Coating metals is what New England Coating Concept does best. In our 30-plus years of experience metalizing everything from biotech instruments to entertainment industry props, we have seen it all. We have the ability to work with any material that needs finishing, and we complete it all in-house at our Vermont factory.

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