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RFI Shielding

In the industrial manufacturing world, RFI shielding is absolutely vital to product design. RFI stands for Radio Frequency Interference, and its name implies its definition. Sensitive electrical equipment on board an airplane, for example, must be protected from external sources of radio interference, and that's what RFI shielding provides.

RFI shielding protects human visual displays on a control console from interference, so what you're seeing comes in crystal clear. It involves more than just spraying an area with a certain material. RFI shielding is also necessary around the areas of superconductivity. In this respect, shielding not only keeps the bad signals out, but the good signals in. RFI shielding is used in industries like aviation, micro-manufacturing, electronic assembly, or any other business that incorporates electric signals into its products.

Proper RFI shielding allows for unprecedented control over equipment operation and testing. In industries where these two steps are everything, you must have a controlled environment so that your efficiency and cost measurements are accurate. You'll find that the success rate of manufacturing equipment is maximized in an interference-free factory.

Every product job presents its own set of challenges, and that's why the team at New England Coating Concept has quickly risen to the top in meeting New England's RFI and EMI shielding needs. As the need for such shielding services has grown, so has our capacity to service this unique field. We have a solution to your shielding problems, and a low-cost one at that.

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