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Metal Finishing

Why is your choice of metal finishing company so important? You might think that all metalizing businesses are basically the same, because of the uniformity regarding our services. In fact, there are big differences between metal finishers in terms of product quality, customer attention, and rejection rate averages.

Let's say that, a few months after you have had your product finished, you start to receive complaints from your customers that the coating is peeling. Obviously, there is a defect in the formula used by your metal finishing contractor. Aside from the requisite irritation caused by a problem that isn't your fault, how receptive will your contractor be to recommence the finishing process?

At New England Coating Concept, we are confident about two things. First, we have a rejection rate of 0.05 percent, or less than 1 in 2,000. The game of metalizing and EMI shielding isn't an exact science, and we are proud of our track record. Second, in the very rare chance of a problem in our methodology, we will correct any errors without any questions asked. That is our commitment to you.

Consider us for your metal finishing needs. We have been providing New England metal finishing services for the past 30 years, and we have no signs of slowing down. We are able to complete short runs as well as large ones, and this is good news to industries whose products are large and expensive (like in the case of medical imaging equipment). Call or email us--we'll do our best to address your unique inquiry.

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