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EMI Shielding

EMI shielding is more important than ever in today's digital landscape. Metal and plastic finishing services used to be rather simplistic: products needed quality surfaces applied which would make them usable to consumers and other businesses. As technology increased, a growing number of devices had electrical circuitry integrated into their product design.

Then the wireless age emerged. With the advent of wireless technology, a myriad of devices evolved from needing wires to not needing them anymore. Everyone was happy. But then a strange thing happened: devices that were still hardwired, but contained electric circuitry started malfunctioning. As it turns out, wireless devices (or the digital bands on which they transfer data) were to blame.

Every year, more and more wireless devices employ different wireless bands: Cell phones, PDA devices, Bluetooth-enabled devices, wireless keyboards and mice, and internet aircards just to name a few. Today, there are four separate cell phone bands alone, not to mention dozens of cell phone companies all vying for airspace.

The end result is that there are electrical devices which will not function or react the way they should without EMI shielding. EMI shielding, or Electrical Magnetic Interference shielding, is a nickel or silver coating applied to the inside of (usually) plastic devices containing circuitry. Once applied, EMI shielding resists the interference caused by wireless devices. New England Coating Concept is one of New England's most experienced EMI shielding companies. We predict this will become an even more important part of our business in the years to come.

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